Ekiga is an application that provides video conferencing as well as VOIP (Voice over internet protocol).

VOIP is the method which your voice is transferred through to internet by broadband technology by certain methods. Protocol refers to something being done in a certain order or method. Hence the name, Voice Over Internet Protocol.

A camera would not be needed if you’re using this application for its VOIP services. Only a microphone is needed. Video Conferencing is also referred to as video teleconference. This is where you can communicate or have a conference with another party or location by transmission of voice as well as video.

Video conferencing is not to be confused with video chat or video calls. Video chat/calls are referred to when individuals call each other and have a one on one chat. Video conferencing is when you or your group communicates with another group, thus making it a conference. A microphone and camera is needed to use this feature.


Ekiga works with GNOME and windows operating system. GNOME is designed for simplicity and is currently available in over 100 languages. Gnome is also a free software under the GNU Public License.

What this means is you have the freedom to use modify, or share it . . . not necessarily that it’s free. This application's features include audio and video, text, IM (Instant Messaging), call hold, call forwarding and call transfer.

This program was developed and written in C++ code by an individual by the name of Damien Sandras. It had a release date of November 27, 2012. This started as a project written by Mr. Sandras in order to graduate from school.

Ekiga was originally known as Gnome Meeting until a developer that helped Mr. Sandras decided it would be wise to change the name to avoid confusion with another video conferencing program called Net Meeting.

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