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9 Ways to take advantage of the Benefits of Video Conferencing

The benefits of video conferencing come in many ways. If you need ways on how it could be used you've come to the right place. Of course we know the main benefit to video conferencing is visually connecting with people.

Are you thinking:

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In what other ways can I benefit from this?"

I guarantee that we will give you many more uses and ways you may benefit from video conferencing by the time you get to the end of this page.

Be more productive

Benefits of Video Conferencing: More Production

If your business, organization or cooperation had members or employees located throughout the world, some of the benefits of video conferencing:

  1. allows everyone to meet at the same time regardless of the time zone without a penny spent on travel.

    In addition as far as the expense of having the decision makers of your organization attend a meeting at a business conference, companies are forced to have one representative attend.

    They would then retain the information and travel back to the office to share with the employees the messages that were relayed at the meetings. This may cause confusion and incomplete information as it is a scientific study that people use 10% of their brain and retain only a percentage of information they are taught.

  2. Time is one of the other benefits of video conferencing.

    If you were an executive and had to spend two days on the road for a 2 hour meeting, that is 2 days of productive work gone. Imagine going to that 2 hour meeting from your office. Then spending those two days accomplishing productive activities that you otherwise wouldn't have had.

The medical field benefits from video conferencing tremendously by using telemedicine technology. When my wife needed a liver transplant she needed to see her primary care doctor, her gastroenterologist, and liver transplant doctors. When she would see one doctor they would have to have meetings with the other two teams of doctors.

Sometimes it would take weeks before we got an answer with what the next step to take was. Now in the medical profession when fax and emails aren't enough, teams of doctors are able to meet sooner than average via reliable video conferencing connections.

How it is used

Video conferencing is mainly used in business or work place settings. However it is used more commonly in intimate settings (e.g. friends and family talking to each other, or in social networking sites).

Some even use it to communicate with online psychics or use American Sign Language.

It is used more often because it is easier to log on and find someone you know and start talking instead of scheduling a meeting with employees or students and reserving a date for the conference.

A couple of the top (free) social video conferencing sites are Skype and ooVoo. A couple of the top business video conferencing sites are Webex Communications, Polycom, and Tandberg video teleconferencing.

The different settings it could be used in are:

  • Military
  • Education
  • Medical (telemedicine)
  • Administration
  • Community
  • Professional Education
  • Libraries
  • Specific Subject Matter

There are benefits of Video Conferencing in each of the previous industries. However, below are specific ways you can have an advantage in those fields.


Benefits of Video Conferencing: Military Communication

  1. Thousands of soldiers are in another country for so long they tend to get homesick. Most leave newborn babies behind. Most of the time, a phone call isn't enough. They want to SEE their family. The benefit of video conferencing can make this happen.
  2. With many armories act as a meeting place, video conferencing can serve as a tool for educational purposes for the issues at hand.
  3. The armed forces are the back bone of the security of our nation. It is important that meetings that are being planned involving our safety are done expediently. It will also be done more efficiently meeting by video vs audio.
  4. There are times when state agencies have an emergency. They have to prepare themselves with meetings involving more than one group of people in different places. In emergency situations, it simply takes more time and money to schedule flights, meetings rooms and accomodations for several groups to meet in one location.


Benefits of Video Conferencing: Distance Learning

  1. When video Conferencing is used in education, it is easier to have interactive communications between teacher to teacher, teacher to classroom, or classromm to classroom with students in different places.
  2. Another benefit would be conjoining efforts. Now groups of students from different parts of the world can work as a team and share more ideas with one another.
  3. Contests - Schools would be able to have competitions with eachother nationwide. Spelling Bees, Talent Shows, etc.


Benefits of Video Conferencing: Telemedicine

  1. Medical students can receive top of the line training from qualified professionals who may be located at one of the top 5 Hospitals in the World
  2. Individuals can view live procedures. Some medical students assist the surgeons on procedures. However, the benefits of video conferencing in this aspect is that it can allow for several students to view procedures and operations.
  3. It can allow for televised procedures to large audiences
  4. Contact with doctors and staff at different branches or facilities

Administrative Duties

Benefits of Video Conferencing: Administrative Duties

  1. Planning meetings for the reduction of travel costs
  2. Regional meetings for an association of companies
  3. Tutoring and Education
  4. Remote Mentoring


Benefits of Video Conferencing: Community Meetings

  1. Meetings in City Hall (County Buildings)
  2. Viewing important speakers
  3. Visual Updates
  4. Hearings

Professional Education

Benefits of Video Conferencing: Professional Education

  1. Presentation of new facility
  2. Presentation of project to different departments simultaneously
  3. Distance Education resource and support
  4. Specialized training
  5. Present a visual graph or project


Benefits of Video Conferencing: Library Learning

  1. Resource sharing
  2. Training and Progressing

Specific Subject Matter

Benefits of Video Conferencing: Seminar Training

  1. Guest Speakers at Conventions
  2. Politicians, Experts, etc.
  3. Training at Seminars
  4. Field trips out of the country
  5. Visitors - virtual live interactions

Prisons / Correctional facilities

Benefits of Video Conferencing: Virtual Visitation

  1. G.E.D. Programs - Live teachers from college campuses
  2. Virtual Parole Board Hearings - Reduces physical lashback from inmate upon negative outcome
  3. Virtual Visitation - Reduces contraband being conveyed on grounds

The benefits of Video Conferencing come in MANY ways that can ease burdens on our business and personal lives.

But some say the benefits of video conferencing can change lives.