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Webcam Effects

Video conferencing came a long way, from desktop to mobile to telepresence.

Webcam effects are one of the latest aspects of technology to be incorporated with video conferencing.

This is when webcams can take on a new effect as far as what your appearance would look like to the person you are talking to (and vice versa).

Even though there are new inventions in technology to enhance your appearance webcams are at the point where it is becoming standard with most laptops and personal computers.

Because webcams are beginning to be a regular part of everyday communication, graphical features were incorporated with video chat programs today.

These features include anything from filters and 3-D animation, to background images.


Some believe webcam effects are only for entertainment purposes only. However, a couple of uses they are known for are:

Copyright - many are known to use the effects of a webcam to place a watermark on their video for copyright protection.

Color noise reduction - other use the effects to either bring forth or eliminate certain colors in the video so enhance you (or the recipients) viewing experience. Other uses include changing, adding or taking away features of your face or add pictures or animations to the background.

The following is a list of effects available through some programs:

Backgrounds Football Stadiums, boxing rings, gardens, national park, famous restaurants, beaches, waterfalls, stages.

Facemasks moustaches, wigs, clown (funny) noses / lips, big ears, hats, funny glasses

Deformation changing the appearance of your face. Stretching, expanding, shrinking, spiraling

Animations Special characters can be added to your screen such as airplanes, bumble bees, butterflies, cars, stop signs, animals, etc.

Webcam effects are used for businesses and social activity. However, most people use it to make their video conferencing experience entertaining.

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