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How does Skype work?

Just a few people are curious about the answer to the question, "How does Skype work?" You as well as most people use Skype to communicate with friends and family. You may have even been depending on it as the main form of communication in your household.

However, the first step to being able to communicate with Skype is when you sign up with Skype you receive a Skype ID. This Skype ID is like your personal telephone number.

This is how people are able to get in touch with you personally.

There are three main aspects needed for Skype to work effectively.

They are:

  • Internet Connection
  • Data Packets
  • Electricity

Skype is Video Conferencing

How Skype works is somewhat similar to how video conferencing works

What specifically happens in order is:

  1. Make sure you don't have a power outage. Unlike landline telephones, Skype works through an internet connection and internet connection requires electricity to work. (Skype does provide a separate landline service).

  2. You make a call to someone using your Skype ID

  3. Your Skype ID travels through the broadband (internet) connection contacting that person's Skype ID (ensuring that specific connection)

  4. Upon contact when you talk to person on the other end, your input is change into data packets which can carry more information such as video, voice, images, etc. This is different than landline telephone that only transfer your input from analog to digital.

  5. After your information is transformed into Data Packets, it is labeled with an address (the Skype ID)

  6. It is then sent through the network or (broadband internet connection) to the address it was intended for.

  7. When your information reaches the intended destination, it takes the Data Packets and transforms it back to your original input

  8. Your original input is then conveyed through their visual and audio system. They can then actually see you and hear how you were communicating with them.

How Does Skype Work: Common Problems

The data packets are being transformed over your internet connection which may be slow or it may be during peak hours when an abundance of people are using the same network.

This may explain why some videos are choppy at certain times. The problem could also be the conversion rate or the speed of your internet connection.

This is why it is not recommended for people to rely only on Skype as a main form of communication. During an emergency you may not be able to get through to the proper authorities due to the fact that you have a bad connection.

Next time someone asks you the question, "How does Skype work?" you can be the one to explain it.