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Video Conferencing Companies

Video conferencing companies do not only offer one kind of video conferencing service. These services come in many forms from different suppliers. These services may even come as devices being offered to you. These devices can be webcams, videophones, whiteboarding, or microphones.

Video conferencing is a bigger industry (if you would call it that) than most people think.

It got its start in the early 70's and is still thriving today to the point where we now have video phones.

Currently there are ideas that will help this industry grow in the future.

These services can range anywhere from multipoint, point to point, telepresence, or web conferencing from their location. Some others may sell you the hardware to make video conferencing doable on your own (from your home).

They usually sell video phones which are point to point (person to person), webcams for personal computers or microphones to plug into your personal computer or laptop if it isn't already equipped with one installed.

Services usually provided by these companies give you the means to communicate through video if you already have your webcam and microphone installed. Video conferencing companies that offer these services may be free , but some cost considerably more money than your average webcam or video phone. However, it provides much greater caabilities such as telepresence features.

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The following companies provide those products or services that were mentioned earlier:

Bistri: One-click Video Chat

Adobe Systems: Adobe Connect

Cisco: WebEx




Glance Networks

Librestream: Onsight Expert Collaboration Software

IV├ĘS: Live Video Plugin



Microsoft Live Meeting

Mirial Softphone



Nefsis Professional






Tandberg Video Teleconferencing




Vidyo Inc

These video conferencing companies come from companies that are spread throughout the nation.

However, they offer services to businesses and individuals worldwide.

The best thing about it is no matter what your situation is, there is a company that fits your needs.

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