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Characteristics of the Best Baby Monitor for Your Child

Some argue amongst themselves which would be the best baby monitor for their child. Some see these baby monitors as video conferencing cameras as well.

The reason is because you are able to see and hear the infant you are monitoring as well.

The only difference is that the person on the other end (the baby being monitored) cannot hear or communicate with you at the same time.

Best Baby Monitor: Baby monitor


The Main purpose of a baby monitor is the baby's safety while you are out of reach. You can see and hear what is going on remotely rather than stopping what you're doing to go into the room. Is that fussing because of an unsafe position in the crib or just a sign that it is now time for lunch, which is what you're doing?

You can also watch behaviors, reactions, or other activities of the infant. This device is seen as another way to protect and manage situations when you aren't able to be there.

The use of baby monitors has grown with the popularity of video conferencing and the more reasonable prices of equipment. Most monitoring systems use video cameras to display what's being seen into the monitor, screen or television (the screens are usually portable which is why it is called a baby cam / monitor). However, some of the best baby monitors have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens.

LCD Screens

Best Baby Monitor: LCD

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and is usually used on flat screen displays. For example, television, digital clocks, digital radios and laptop computers, etc.

They don't burn images on the screen like other devices that use phosphors. LCD's have liquid crystals that are displayed by a light behind it that is then projected on the screen to display a color picture.

One of the benefits of LCD's is that it is energy efficient to the point where it can be incorporated with battery operated items.

Night Vision

Best Baby Monitor: Night Vision

Technology is so advanced that most baby monitors come with night vision technology which give you the ability to see in the dark room where the infant is possibly sleeping.

Night vision can be achieved through Intensity Ranges. This is done through technology that intensifies images.

Others night vision features include infrared technologies, light emitting diodes and active illuminations. But the best baby monitor has advanced features in today's technology