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Wireless IP Camera

A Wireless IP Camera (Internet Protocol Camera) is a camera that is usually used as a security camera for surveillance. But it is not hooked up to the computer with wires or cords. It also works through the internet. That is why they are also able to get video feedback as well as give video feedback.


There is no difference between a webcam and a wireless ip camera besides the fact that the ip camera is referred to as such when used for surveillance purposes.

So when you are chatting with a friend with a wireless camera through your computer monitor it's called a webcam.

When you take that same wireless camera and place it at an undisclosed location to catch unsuspecting intruders it's called an ip camera.

There are cameras that already have the ability to record within itself and all it would need is some form of a disk or storage media to transfer the images to (like a flash drive for example). Those types of cameras are called a Decentralized IP Cams.

The other type would be a Centralized IP Cam. This would need to have a Network Video Recorder. The Network Video Recorder manages the recording of data to the camera. Without the Network Video Recorder, the Centralized IP Cameras wouldn't function.

The Best

If you wanted suggestions on which is the best IP camera to buy, that would depend on your likes and dislikes and what features you prefer. Every IP camera has its own functions and special features which may benefit you one way or the other.

There are some cameras that record audio as well as video, has motion detection, has email capabilities, take quality pictures with the absence of daylight.


There are an abundance of features and benefits that come with these cameras including password protection which allows you to view your camera from other locations. This is used quite frequently in Day Cares where parents are able to monitor their children through surveillance.

The main feature that a Wireless IP camera has to have is the wireless feature.

If not, you could take the name wireless out of the title.

Without that, your product would be just another webcam.