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Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

Distance Learning is just what it sounds like . . . learning at a distance.

Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages are often mentioned by students, businessmen, and companies who use it.

Nevertheless, places that may take part in this type of learning are:

  • Businesses
  • Schools / Universities
  • Clinics
  • Military Bases

Prior to the 90's the only options that people had of being trained was if the instructor was in the same area as the people being taught, or at least in the same vicinity (at a reasonable distance).

Many trainers, such as Andre Milteer, M.A. of eResumes4VIPs, promotes his training message via video only.

This way the travel expenses will be minimum to none. If you have people come in from a further distance to train there will be expenses involved.

It doesn't matter if the instructor is paying or the person inviting the instructor is (usually managers, employers, decision makers).

Expenses involved are:

  • Transportation speaker's fee (if any)
  • Lodging (if applicable)
  • Food, etc.

Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many more advantages to distance learning than you may think. Believe it or not, there are many disadvantages as well. You may not realize it until you personally experience it yourself.

Until then you can read the following to give you an idea of the distance learning pros and cons.

Distance Learning Advantages

  • Convenient if you have disabilities, injury or a handicap that prohibit you from transport to class

  • Convenient if you have obligations at home such as children, jobs, etc.

  • Easy access if you live far away from home

  • Limited wear and tear on your vehicle that you would've otherwise used for transportation

  • You can learn from anywhere as long as there is internet connection where you are located.

  • If you are a student, you save money on room and board

  • Learn on your own schedule

  • Limited distractions from others

  • Freedom to choose which school you attend regardless of distance prohibiting you

  • You have extra time on your hands (time traveling to and from your session)

Distance Learning Disadvantages

  • Distance Learning requires an abundance of self motivation since the atmosphere of classroom isn't there.

  • If you are in school, most distance learning courses aren't accredited.

  • You may have faulty or untrustworthy equipment that may cause you to miss important information.

  • You will have limited access to the presenter when questions need to be asked.

  • You my not have the opportunity to engage in real time participation

  • If you are not computer literate it may be frustrating it trying to connect to the session

  • Sitting in front of a screen for long periods of time can cause back problems

  • Distance learning sessions deprive you of the "hands on" training that you would get

  • The absence of the social atmosphere may prohibit your motivation.

  • The absence of feedback on your performance may take away what you necessary advice that is critical to you.

After the 1990's, video conferencing became more popular among large businesses. Shortly afterwards it became another way for businesses to communicate and motivate employees. However it is mainly used for instructional purposes regardless of the distance learning advantages and disadvantages this method may cause.

Training is important (critical for some businesses) because of frequent or constant changes in policies.

When video conferencing is used as a vehicle for distance learning, training becomes more productive for the company.

Instructors can be in one location and teach or instruct at another without either of them leaving their location.

The trainers can use the time that they would have been traveling to prepare lesson plans or improve training materials.

However, in education, business, and clinical fields there may be specialized training that may be required for the employees or students.

In most cases it seems they're more qualified the instructor the further away they have to travel to get where you are to train.

There are some cases where you may be a student or work for a company at a main branch. If there are smaller branches, they may not have the resources to provide what the main branch provides.

Therefore the main branch has a qualified trainer do workshops or sessions through video conferencing. This is done for the smaller branches which usually are in a different county or state.

Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages are a major factor when considering its use with big or small business to train (since they may have client world wide).

Schools are also to be taken into consideration when deciding if you want to participate in distance learning or not.

Then again, Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages may be a small factor when deciding on how you want to do business.

It depends on what aspects of this method are important to you.

Lastly, Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages may not be a major or a small concern for you.

As long as you or your participants have a considerable amount of knowledge about the material when the session is over.

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