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Multipoint video conferencing

Multipoint video conferencing is one of the most popular ways businesses communicate with eachother (if these businesses use video conferencing at all).

Why is multipoint preferred among big businesses?

Because it affords those businesses the ability to meet with more than one individual or group at the same time.

There is no known maximum number of participants that can be involved in the conference.

This type of video conferencing is the most beneficial to big businesses. It is for the simple fact that business have more networks and contacts with more companies. This way you can communicate simultaneously with each of them if it is needed.

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Global Connections

This can also benefit corporations that have clients all over the world. For example, banks, law firms, sport agents, etc. Multipoint video conferencing can give you the opportunity to speak with all of your clients at the same time if a situation arrives where you have to.

Depending on the size of your company, you can save thousands to millions of dollars. Areas that expenses can be saved in are:

-Travel time

-Hotel / Resort

-Airline / Private Jet

-Gas / Fuel expenses


Mulitpoint video conferencing can help your business accomplish its MAIN goal. That is to increase sales. Think of the presentations and denominations that you would most likely have to do.

You would be able to present to a wider range of people. Even if you don't sell as much as you would like to, you will most likely make that money back by how much you save by communicating using this method.

The only labor on your part would be to schedule a meeting with the other party that you will do a conference with.

To have a positive experience with multipoint video conferencing, both of you and the others involved will have to have an understanding on the terms of the meeting as well as what is expected.