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Three ways the Future of Video Conferencing will affect you directly.

What will the future of video conferencing bring? Video conferencing has a long history and has also come a long way. A study has shown that over %90 of your influence over people has to do with your body language and how you say what you say.

Other trends we'll examine include mobile conferencing, video at ATMs, and video in legal settings, to name a few.

Knowing this information, the industry will most likely capitalize on the opportunity.

The following clip is a sample of how video conferencing is shaping the future.

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One future trend that you may see is:

1. Mobile Video Conferencing Future of Video Conferencing: mobile video conferencing

Mobile video conferencing is being used now but it's not as mainstream in the business world. Video conferencing through mobile devices are used maily for Point to Point interaction. That is only when tow locations are connected from different areas. Multipoint is starting to make headway in this method

You may try to engage yourself in a video conferencing session only to realize you are having trouble connecting to the program. All systems aren't compatible with eachother. Most networks will change to IP (internet protocol) networks in the near future. This will be good news for worldwide businesses. That way they can conduct meetings all over the country without obstacles.

There have also been talks about

2.Automated Teller Machines (ATM's)

Future of Video Conferencing: ATM machines

ATM's have video conferencing capabilities. The reason for this would be convenience and security reasons. It would offer live teller support and face recognition. The ATM's will be able to provide more service through those features.

There will be changes in

3. Education and legal proceedings .

Future of Video Conferencing: Education and legal procedings Most classes will be by video conference (especially for distant learning students) and court trial.

Parole hearings and prison visits will primarily be done by this method as well.

The fact that the future of video conferencing looks bright there may be classes that teach video / camera etiquette.

As technology expands the future of video conferencing will expand. As the future of this industry expands, people become closer and business operate more efficiently.