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What is a Document Camera

Do you want to know "What is a document camera?"

A document camera is very similar to an overhead projector. In fact, they are overhead projectors (in a sense) depending on the model.

Also the fact being that it does what its original title says (overhead projector) project from the overhead.

The Difference

Overhead Projector

The overhead projector is a device that resembles a box with a light projecting from the top.

It also has a mirror connected at the top.

In order for this to work you would have to have a transparent document that is being shown through the light that is on the top.

Document Cameras

While these cameras perform the functions of the overhead projector, it actually replaced the overhead projectors as a better option.

It also was replaced for the improved functions that it provides. They are also known as visual presenters, docucams, and image presenters.

The main difference that this type of camera has that an overhead projector doesn't have is the ability to magnify images of 3-D objects in high resolution. They also are able to work with transparent objects.

Where it is used

Docucams are used in a wide array of businesses for many purposes. They are used in:

  • Classrooms - You may remember your instructor in high school or college using an overhead projector or docucams to present a graph or lesson.

    Usually when these are used in a classroom it is to teach a large group or to save the abundance of paper they would use for copies.

  • Telepresence video conferencing - The use of docucams are necessary for full telepresence features. To use this effectively the document camera must be placed in a position where it can see the large area that is to be viewed. It takes the image and displays a live 3-D image through the projection.

  • Conferences - at conferences such as business conventions or MLM national meetings it is nearly impossible to train by handing out documents to the total population of the audience.

    This camera would be effective to show training material documents as well as new products.

As many cameras that have been produced to date document cameras aren't obsolete. Many individuals still use document cameras for day to day activities. They are also used in many schools and universities due to the fact that most schools may not be able to afford newer up to date equipment.

Document cameras are made by a variety of companies. These companies include ELMO, AVerVision, WolfVision, HoverCam, Samsung, and Lumens.

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