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Home Video Conferencing

Home Video Conferencing appears to be the most convenient way to communicate with anyone you need. Video conferencing from the luxury of your own home is usually done when you are a remote employee or virtually visiting friends and family.

Remote employees are defined as workers who perform their work from home.

They may sometime go into the business office every once in a while for minor duties.

Some examples of remote jobs are:

The Necessity of Home Video Conferencing

Employers are realizing that there may come a time when they will NEED to have a VISUAL meeting with their remote workers. Maybe what makes that difficult is the employee is half way across the country or IN another country.

Recently, some businesses were forced to shut down offices and departments. This was done in order to save money in some cases. While doing this, employees were STILL expected to perform their duties outside of the workplace (remotely).

There are two advantages to this:

  1. Employees get to work from home
  2. Employees STILL get to participate in trainings with the right home video conferencing equipment

As remote employees, you feel a sense of belonging to the organization you work for. Visual interaction between your employer is limited. The fact that it is limited would possible also put a limit on your production or output.

This gives you all the benefit you get from being able to see your presenter, boss, or co-worker face to face. Trust can be built among remote workers and their employer through video conferencing in ways other methods can't.

Windows Video Conference

As many do home video conferencing, many people prefer to use a windows video conference program to chat with. The main reason is the majority of consumers feel windows is more (user friendly) than other MAC or Linux programs.

The most favored home video conferencing programs that windows users prefer, appear to be:

  • Skype - Even though popular through windows, it has cross platform capability. You are also able to make personal phone calls as well as video to video chat.

  • Google Video Chat - this program is also favored among window users. Google makes this program easy to use as long as you have a Gmail account. Google Video Chat has cross platform capability as well.

  • ooVoo - This is one of the best web based video conferencing programs available. You are able to chat with up to 6 users at a time as well as send and receive video messages.

  • Vsee - This program is for window operating systems only. It is a free application that has Screen Sharing capability. Vsee supports 4 to 8 participants at a time.

  • TokBox - This can be integrated with other programs such as Facebook, Adobe Air, Meebo, etc. Therefore you can initiate video calls with whoever your networks are on those three programs.

There are MANY Windows video conference programs available because Windows systems and products are used more than Apple (Mac) or Linux because of compatibility with other software corporations.

Military Video Conferencing

If you are in the military or have family in the military there is a great chance that you rely heavily in video conferencing as a means of communication.

For years, military personnel wrote letters and made telephone calls. However, when video conferencing was introduced, it quickly became the most preferred means of communication for most military personell.

The fact that there were many complaints that telephone calls were expensive helped pursuade many to lean toward home video conferencing.

If you are in the military you may experience heavy moments of depression, stress, loneliness, and regret fullness. This may all be due to the fact that you aren't able to see your family to experience important moments in your life. For example, thanksgiving dinners or your child's first word.

Video conferencing in the military makes it possible for you to ease some of the stress that most soldiers feel by affording you the opportunity to see your family during those precious moments.

Government military leadership often used video conferencing to communicate with military personell for instructional training and development.

Even though Skype is the most used video conferencing program among military personell, there is an abundance of other free video conference programs for you to take advantage of.

Video vs Audio

You may have considered a regular phone call or use conference call providers. While both have their pros and cons, both can be useful.

However several small business owners were asked their likes and dislikes and dislikes with audio conferencing.

The following is a list of their answers:

Audio Conferencing:

  • "I don't have as much confidence in customer relation when I only hear their voice"
  • "Some of my responses were taken the wrong way on a few occasions because they couldn't see my facial reactions"
  • "The quality of the conference call is diminished when more people are added to the call" (there is a good chance that more than two people will be talking at the same time at any given moment. As a result, no one is heard.)
  • "Audio conferencing is cost-effecient for my budget"
  • "My group constantly has to identify themselves before they speak"
Home Video Conferencing:

  • "I feel like I connect visually with my co-worker"
  • "I can put audio to a face expression"
  • "It costs a bit more than audio"
  • "It's easier to take field trips from my home"
  • "It's easier to attend guest speaker events (virtually)"
  • "We can barely hear the presenter of they are not by the mic"
  • "If the video equipment is cheap you will have a bad reception or picture"
  • "If there is no stable connection you may be disconnected any given moment"
  • "My video conferencing class can learn in real time as my "in person" class"

Research has shown that remote workers who use Home Video Conferencing as a tool for work improve their performance by more than 15%.

With Friends and Family

Another reason you may communicate through Home Video Conferencing is to see friends and family. Some of them you haven't seen in months or even years.

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Have you moved away or relocated from your home town?

Do you have friends and relative in another country?

Are you overseas away from your spouse and/or children?

If you live over 1,000 miles away, you will not see your family as much as you would like to. For this reason, that is why people video chat with their family. There are even people who chat with family who live as far away as the island of Majorca and Jamaica.

You don't have to be miles away. People video chat with each other in cities as small as Pooler, Georgia.

Other devices you can use besides a desktop or laptop are portable tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or the Blackberry Playbook.

Home Video Conferencing: friends and family

My personal experience

I'm a computer savvy individual. But my first time seeing my cousin over 1,000 miles away in Florida by computer monitor was by surprise. As I came down the stairs my brother said,"Hey, say what's up to Karl." I looked up and saw Karl's face on a 22" monitor looking at me.

My shock level grew when I realized that it wasn't a pre-recorded video. He was actually looking at me . . . half dressed (fresh out of bed) with a surprised look on my face.

My first feeling was awkward. I felt uncomfortable at first, with that form of technology even though I knew enough about technology in my own eyes.

The fact that someone could just pop up and see me, around my home, what I'm wearing, etc. They can see all of this from possible half of the world away.

As time passed, I couldn't imagine being without being able to communicate through home video conferencing.

I can show family new clothes, new born babies, new home, visiting cousins, siblings, parents, etc.

This is one of the best ways to see your family.

You can email all day, send pictures all day, or meet family you've never met (before actually meeting them)