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Online Video Conferencing

Online Video Conferencing was one of the best inventions to take place regarding small/big businesses. It eliminated many travel expenses and added convenience to the business owner's day.

When you think of online conferencing you may think of web video conferencing.

Also when you think of web video conferencing you might think of online conferencing.

You as well as others could wonder what the difference between both of them is.

You would think if you are on the web (World Wide Web) that would mean that you're online.

Some would argue that web conferencing approaches participants differently than online video conferencing. Some prefer online video conferencing services vs. an in person meeting.

However most people feel they get more of an in person meeting because they personally get more out of it.


The way that online web conferencing is supposed to differ is that the participants in a web conference session do not have the ability to interact with each other. Thus making it a web cast.

In a web cast, a video presentation is recorded and sent out to individuals at specific times over the web. However, the individuals aren't able to interact with the host location that sent the message. Others differ in opinion and say there is no difference.

What is it

Online video conferencing basically uses the world wide web/internet to hold conferencing sessions. In this case you can access these sessions from all over the world as long as they have internet access.

In some instances you would need a password to gain access to the session. Most of these video conferences are synchronous. This means you and the presenter can talk back and forth to each other at the same time.

This is opposed to leaving a voice message and the person receiving the message not being able to respond until the next time they access the system.


The many advantages of online conferencing outweigh the negative. The advantages are :

  • Inexpensive - compared to travel expenses and accommodations it may be more cost effective to schedule online sessions for meetings that aren't worth spending a large sum of money.
  • Increase in attendance - obviously if you had the option to save time and money by attending a meeting online you along with others are more likely to attend.
  • Record meeting - most online conferencing systems have the ability to record conferences
  • Real Time Meeting Effect - Most online systems enable you to show slide shows, PowerPoint, and video making it just as effective as if you were in a room seeing it


  • Lack of motivation - The atmosphere of meeting tends to be less motivating vs. everyone sharing the same goals being amongst each other
  • No audience evaluation - The presenter is usually unable to properly assess their audience.

  • Distractions - You may tend to become easily distracted when at home or other areas than where the presentation is given
  • Technology glitches - Technology isn't as dependable as being at the meeting in person

Online Video Conferencing Services


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