Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a flash based web conferencing software. This is also primarily used for online training materials and presentations.

This company was founded by two indivuiduals by the name of John Warnock and Charles Geschke in December of 1982. This is a product of the Adobe company, however, it was created by a start-up company by the name of Presedia which had the first generation of PowerPoint flash plug-in.

Presidia was bought by Macromedia and added Breeze (Live) Meeting (Breeze is a web component). As a result, it was named Macromedia Breeze. Adobe then acquired Macromedia Breeze and renamed it Adobe Connect.

They improved upon the features of Macromedia Breeze and works with Microsoft Windows. This company also has its headquarters located in San Jose, California with over 9,000 (nine thousand) employees throughout the world.

The Adobe company itself has several different products that are widely used by 90% of pc (personal computer) users who have desktops.

However the Connect is the only one with video conferencing capabilities. It was launched in 2003. It has been used (and was created to be used for) webinars, online meetings, and elearning. It was used for these purposes for the government and professional organizations. Adobe Connect isn't Adobe's only useful application/product. There is:

  • Creative Suite - collection of design and development tools

  • Premier Pro - edit digitial video

  • Flex - building responsive presentations

  • Flash - for streaming video

  • Photoshop - for digital imaging

  • Digital Publishing - create publications for mobile devices.

  • Acrobat - create PDF documents

  • In Design - design graphics and technology

The leadership consists of the two founders who are also Chairmen of the Board - John Warnock ad Charles Geschke. Also:

  • Kevin Lynch - Chief Technology Officer

  • Mark Garrett - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Shantanu Narayen - President and Chief Executive Officer

They was voted #1 computer software company in Worlds Most Admired Companies according to their website.

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