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Apple iSight Web Camera

Apple iSight web camera is currently the Apple Corporation's only webcam on the market. But its actual physical webcam was short-lived on the market. Not because it was unsuccessful.

I used the term physical because you could actually touch and feel the iSight webcam when it was first developed. I say it was short-lived because in 2006 Apple Inc. started building the apple iSight web camera inside their computer.


Their webcam was introduced to the public in 2003.

It was at that time that the webcam was starting to gain popularity.

They sold for anywhere between the range of $130 and $170 and constructed to fit various laptop and desktop computers.

However it was made for Apple's iChat video conferencing program.


It has video feed of 30 frames per second with auto-focusing and an internal microphone. One security feature that it does have is a green light on the product itself. There have been instances where hackers or Trojan Horse viruses were able access people's cameras and spy on them within the privacy of their own homes (or where ever the camera may be set up).

The green light feature on the iSight will be activated when you or someone is using your camera. If you have an Apple iSight web camera while are on your computer and NOT using your webcam at the moment and the green light comes on . . . most likely you are being spied on at the moment.

Apple Inc

Apple Inc. is a very powerful company. It is in fact one of the top companies in the world with recent product developments such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, and the iMac. This company was founded by Steve Jobs in April of 1976. However the company name was originally Apple Computer. They have a worldwide market base with over 300 retail stores.

The iSight is no longer developed as a separate computer peripheral. It is built within these products to make it possible the video chat or hold video conferencing meetings without having to install or connect a webcam.