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Chatroulette.com is a chat site that was created in November 2009. The founder of this program is a 17 year old Russian individual by the name of Andrew Ternovsky.

What this Video Chat conference program does is match you up with complete strangers to chat with. The ideal concept came from the game Russian Roulette.

This is a game where you load a 6 chamber revolver with one bullet, spin the barrel and closing it at random.

You then point the gun at your head and squeeze the trigger.

The concept of that game is that you're taking a chance with your life.

The concept of this video chat program is that you're taking a chance on who you're talking to.

Therefore, it is different than your traditional video chat program where you have to choose your friends or family by username.

Chatroulette.com is set up where you don't have a choice.

Risks and Benefits

As with anything else, there are risks and benefits to this system. The cons are:

  • You will never know who you'll end up receiving as your chat partner.
  • Viruses are more likely to present themselves. One type of the virus is called a Trojan Horse.

A Trojan Horse is a link that appears trustworthy and could very well be a link that you would click on all the time. Or one that a stranger who appears trustworthy sends you.

The pros are:

  • You get a chance to meet people from all over the world. It may not seem like a big deal now. However, every time I went on a cruse or trip to a different country, I meet someone who I surprisingly still keep in touch with until this day.

  • Another pro is the potential for meeting celebrities that you wouldn't otherwise get a chance to meet on other video conferencing programs.

Celebrities that use Chatroulette

Some well known celebrities who use chatroulette.com are Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Richie, Chris Brown, Drake, and Paris Hilton.

However, if you are on this program and see a celebrity, it may be someone playing a trick on you. There are downloadable programs in existence that allow people to appear as though they have a camera.

They are then able to display a video of a celebrity from the internet into the frame that is displayed to you.

Below is an example of an alledged trick played on users thinking they're talking to Jessica Alba.

This following video is one of Snoop Dogg:

Some celebribity viewing may be real but most of the time you are left up to your own discretion.

Chatroulette Alternative

As popular as you may think Chatroulette.com is, some people may prefer the same service (speaking with random people) with a different twist. Below is a list of 5 Chatroulette.com Alternatives that you may find that you like.


  • Omegle lets you chat with random people. The chats are anonymous. They also have a spy mode where you can ask a question and watch two people debate your question. This was launched in March of 2009


  • WooChat give everyone a chance to talk with strangers. However they allow you to have a blog if you are a registered user. This programs let's you have unlimited blog entries.


  • Zupyo is a random chat site that let's you chat with strangers by option of typing in a keyword. The chat will be related to the topic you request.


  • RoundChat is a video chat site that connects random users with image recognition technology. The main purpose for this is to remove explicit material from this site.


  • Chatrandom gives you the option of video chatting with strangers on the internet. This programs site gives you the opportunity to choose your chat groups in certain categories.


One common complaint that Chatroulette.com users are reporting is offensive material.

Different times you might log on to chat to a stranger just to find out that they are showing you the private areas of their body.

If you are offended by these acts you have a choice to report it. If 3 people report that user within 5 minutes, that person will be banned for a period of time.

Regardless of the complaints that this program has, it is still one of the most used video chat systems of its type (being that it allows you access to random people).