Docebo Learning Management System

Docebo was developed in 2010 for e-learning purposes and operates through a cloud platform.

This company is known for being a strong learning management system on a cloud platform which has several benefits. (In case you do not know what a cloud platform is, it is a service provided remotely over the internet and accessible from anywhere.)

Another cloud example is when you have a main computer and a few mobile devices.

If you were uploading a document from your main computer to the cloud, that document could be automatically loaded on your mobile devices as well.

The benefits of having this cloud feature are:

  • When (if) one system fails, there is an automatic back up of the contents on another device
  • Guaranteed resources from server
  • Optimal features for a low price

Docebo’s Learning Management System is even more user friendly because of its cloud presence and flexibility for students.

Businesses can keep in contact with learners on world wide video conferencing systems due to the fact companies can enable SSO (Single Sign On) features this platform offers.

The user friendliness enables you to access training at any location or on any device whenever you need it.

There are two main products:

  • Docebo Cloud – gives you access to resources that are available in remote locations
  • Premium – includes dependable firewall, database, unlimited users, premium help services, customizable features.

Even though these products are different in features they are both compatible for small and medium businesses.

Additional benefits include:

  • API Third Party – Allowing you to coordinate with system owners
  • Scalable Pricing – Reasonable prices without decrease in quality
  • 24/7 customer service – Dependable troubleshooting round the clock.

Docebo is also known as a learning management system. What this means basically is that you have web conferencing capabilities. With a learning management system you have the ability to conduct education courses or training for clients through the web.

Most colleges and universities use a learning management system to conduct online class training. Similarly this is also the way a business would use this program. This service is currently used in over 17 countries. These countries are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Uruguay
  • Spain
  • United Arab Emerates (UAE)
  • Switzerland

If you are an instructor or teacher, Docebo lets you upload your own materials such as tests, graphs, certificates, etc. Once you activate this service you will find that this program has many features to offer.

Some of these features include mobile learning, chat, certificate printing, free installation, and help desk. The main features they have to offer are, video conferencing, hat forums, loud features, supports over 20 different languages, notifications by email, loading of files (ms office, audio, video, etc.), help desk, group management and surveys. To this date they reported to have over 500,000 users.

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