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Freelance Computer Programmer

Another profession that you can do from home via conferencing is freelance computer programmer. Most of these programmers, however, choose to communicate by regular conference call (link). A typical duties of a programmer hooare to write code for clients and businesses.

They are also responsible for maintaining troubleshooting and testing various existing programs as well as the ones they create. Usually a programmer will work 40+ hour weeks under what some of you would consider strenuous conditions.

Some suffer back problems, blurred vision and hand / wrist issues which turn to carpel tunnel syndrome.

Carpel Tunnel syndrome is usually caused by an ongoing repetitive movement of the wrists and hands.

The fact that they spend most of their time at a computer (usually, in a small office), in house programmer are turning toward being remote programmers.

This is because of the advanced technology is being made readily available.

Due to the fact that most programmers are under deadlines and strict time restraints, they find that being a freelance computer programmer by video conferencing or telecommunication are best options.

Benefits of Being a Freelance Computer Programmer

The benefits are cutting out the commute time completely to allow more time for work. Even though there are deadlines, you would be able to take breaks at your leisure without someone (client / supervisor) breathing down your back.

  • You work in your own comfortable environment in addition to having references available at your home (if that is where you choose to work).

  • You also open yourself to more clientele. You can divide your time between different clients without the conflict of interest you would have by working at the location of one company.

  • Many programmers find remote / freelance programming jobs at elance.com or rentacoder.com among other sites.

  • You also choose your compensation. You can bill hourly or charge a flat rate based on your labor vs. what a company chooses what they want to pay you.

If not already, in the near future many of your programmers will be working remotely from different locations, either remote offices or home offices.

As more companies realize the importance of work/life balance as they compete for talent, work from home options will be increasingly available to highly skilled technical workers.

Video conferencing will be a natural part of this movement.