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LifeSize Video Conferencing

LifeSize Video Conferencing was founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas by Craig Malloy. This company is still headquartered in Austin, Texas today with an employee roster of approximately 400 individuals.

They offer an abundance of services / products including Telepresence sytems.

Their offer products in Video, Infrastructure, Phone, and Accessories.

In Video their products include


  • Passport - A handheld high definition telepresence connection

  • Room - Multipoint Control Unit that gives you ability to have calls involving more than 2 individuals

  • Team - Ideal for groups meetings

  • Desktop - Video conferencing from the luxury of your desktop


  • Phone - A Phone that offers audio conferencing capabilities


  • Video Center - Gives you ability to see video, audio and streaming with the push of a button

  • Networker - Let's you associate Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) with conferencing systems.

  • Bridge - allows up to 40+ people on a Multipoint call

  • ClearSea - allows users to connect to video conferencing system from their personal computers or cell phones.

  • Transit - Allows secure firewall protection throughout networks

  • Control - Provides Management for your whole video conferencing system


  • Cameras - Provides a variety of HD Webcams

  • Microphone - Provides quality microphones for small to midsize rooms

LifeSize Video Conferencing is a subsidiary of corporation by the name of Logitech. Logitech bought Lifesize for approximately 400 million dollars in 2005.

The leadership is still the same as far as Craig Malloy remaining Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Senior Vice President.

Other leadership includes:

  • Michael Lovell - Chief Financial Officer

  • Casey King - Chief Technology Officer

  • Alan Hagedorn - Senior Vice President of Operations

  • Matt Collier - Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

  • Colin Buechler - Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

  • David McCann - Vice President of Worldwide Technical Services

  • Joe Bulger - Vice President of Engineering

  • Alise Mullins - Vice President of Human Resources

  • Michael Helmbrecht - Vice President of Product Marketing

Businesses from 16 different industries ranging from technology to non-profit organizations use LifeSize Video Conferencing These businesses also include small organizations to worldwide industries in over 100 coutries