A video conferencing site that is up and coming is MeBeam. The difference between this video conferencing programs and others is that it allows you to create rooms for over 15 people.

The site was founded and launched in November of 2007 by an individual by the name of Ashod Apakain, who was thought of by many people to be very intelligent as well as an expert in Information Technology.

What helped this video conferencing program was when a plug in was added to provide video conferencing for several people at the same time. When more than 2 people can video conference at the same time, it is called Multipoint.


A plug-in also provided extra support to give visitors an opportunity multipoint on this site. Plug ins are useful for websites that require video.

For example, you may be viewing a webpage and reading content. If there is a section on that page where you have to watch a video or activate animation, you would need a plug-in. Examples of plug-ins would be Adobe Flash, Java, and Quick Time.

MeBeam got the most publicity when it was featured on one of Joseph Perillos’ websites. Joseph Perillo is a very popular web icon who owns several websites and blogs including Lockerknome. Once MeBeam was featured on his site which already has an abundance of visitors, it sparked a sudden flow of traffic.


One of it's most popular features is that it doesn’t require you to register to use it in addition to creating rooms for over 15 friends.

According to some people, registration can open the doors to invasion of privacy. In order to register for some sites you have to provide your name, password, birthday, and in some cases your address.

After you provide that info, viruses by the name of Trojan Horses and Malware allow computer spiders to crawl your computer and retrieve that information. Another positive feature is there is no download required.

This is also beneficial to prevent potential viruses as they sneak in on programs that you are downloading in order to infiltrate your hard drive.

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