Megameeting video conferencing is a company that two or more people use to communicate with eachother through video. This is a private company. what this means is that this company isn't publicly traded on the stock market. Therefor, it down not have a legal obligation to satisfy its stock holders.

Nevertheless, this company still offers a variety of services to several different businesses.

It has offices in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom but operates worldwide.

It was founded in October of 2003 by Dan Richmond and Scott Goldman. Their products/services consist of MegaMeeting, Pro, and Enterprise.

Even though this company was founded in 2003, in 2009 it was ranked 401 of the fastest growing 500 companies according to the Inc 500 Magazine. This organization has leadership that consists of:

  • Dan Richmond - Founder and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)
  • Scott Goldman - Chief Technical Officer
  • Jason Richmond - Vice Predident of Sales
  • Tawny Labrum - Marketing Director
  • Andy Saman - Lead Programmer

This company offers a few different services which include Webinars, Video Conferencing, Enterprise and Private Bonded.
  • Their Webinar services included "no committment cancel at anytime service with unlimited VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

  • Video Conferencing that includes all webinar features. This is also cancel at anytime with unlimited audio and high quality video with 16 live audio streams.

  • Enterprise Video Conferencing is one of their other services. This includes personalized rooms with the logo of your company included.

  • There is also a Private Bonded Service. This is geared toward Business Solution. All of there companies references will be removed from their product. You will able to resell seats at your own rates or create new centers.

For your convenience, Megameeting video conferencing also has a 24/7 customer service center as well as a technical support center.

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