ooVoo is a web based video conferencing client that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It was founded in 2006 by Clayton L. Mathile and

formerly named Arel Communications but reinvented itself after it was siezed by its management at that time.

In 2007 a stable launch took place.

This is when this company was officially functional and capable of allowing quality video conferencing for personal computers. As a result millions more began to download ooVoo.


Recently, in 2011, they were able to acquire the ability to offer conferencing through mobile devices. The use of this product lets you be able to talk with up to twelve (12) at once.

The other features it has is Web Video Chat. Where you can invite users who are not on ooVoo to chat (if you created the chat session). Also:

  • The ability to leave video messages between 1 and 5 minutes long.
  • Share Files
  • Call personal phone lines
  • Instant Messaging


Ofcourse as with other video conferencing programs, this company is used for online presentations, training and conferencing with networks during business travel.

Their quality surpasses most competitor's by having a high frames per second rate than most web based competitors.

They are also compatable with most, if not alteast 90%, of the webcams on the market today.


The privacy feature allows users to choose if they would like their profiles viewed by everyone or just their contacts.

In addition, hide personal info such as their birthday, sex, who contacts you, or if your conferencing session automatically answers when contacted.

Competitive call plans are also available for use by the public. Plans ranging from 3 (three) way to 6 (six) way and business plan calling all have one of a kind features that aren't available on the Free option.


The people leading this company are:

  • Philippe Schwartz - Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Richardson - Chief Security Officer
  • Asher Shiratzky - Chief Technical Officer

As of 2011 this company has over 30 million users and has a "Webware 100" communication award that was achieved in 2008.

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