Paltalk Download

What is Paltalk

Paltalk download is a video conferencing / chat program that operates by the internet. This program is a proprietary program or software. What this means is that a company owns this service.

This service can be used only as long as you adhere to the rules or restrictions that the company sets forth. The company that owns Paltalk is AVM Software.

The leaders of AVM consist of :

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder - Jason Katz
  • President and COO (Chief Operating Officer) - Joel Smernoff
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer) - Perry Scherer.

Paltalk Uses

Paltalk has been known to be used as a big help in education. Educators and Professors have been impressed with the audio and quality of Paltalk.

You also have the choice over who you let speak at any given time as far as students are concerned. This can be very effective when trying to control the pace and temperament of a class. This program is sometimes used by people other than teachers.

You may see the average day to day people using it for their personal use. Because of this, Paltalk has a Parental Control feature.

This feature is proved to be necessary due to the fact that the program is subject to obscene behavior. This behavior includes sexual or vulgar acts that are done by those that prey on others.

One case in point that was disturbing was when an individual by the name of Kevin Whitrick committed suicide in front of many Paltalk viewers by hanging himself.

Paltalk download offers different products such as:

  • Paltalk
  • Paltalk Express
  • Paltalk Mobile
  • Video Chat Widget
  • Video Chat Room
  • Virtual Numbers
  • High Resolution Video
  • Video Messaging
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Chat
  • Text Chat
Paltalk download also offers features such as a few thousand chat rooms with virtual gifts. Many companies use Paltalk and benefit greatly from the many products they offer.

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