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Personal Aspect of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a growing way of conducting meetings with large and small businesses. However, many trained psychologists believe that the personal aspect of video conferencing is a lacking from communication through video.

Many things take place in a face to face meeting that don't happen by video without realizing it.

A few personal aspects are:

  • Eye contact - This is recommended, especially when discussing or talking about serious issues.

    When delivering or receiving important news, there is a psychological benefit that eye contact gives that video conferencing doesn't.

  • Temperature / Air Pressure - If participants are all in a different environment during a conference, temperatures at their individual location may affect their attention span. In an In-person meeting, the room can be climate controlled to be acceptable for everyone in the room.

  • Encourages Multitasking - While you are in your location (in your personal surroundings) you may have more miscellaneous things at your reach. For example, cell phone, mini tablet, television, etc. In a meeting, you have limited activities to distract you. Furthermore, attention in easily demanded in person.

  • Bonds - in important meetings, studies have shown that you will create a stronger bond with colleagues upon seeing them in person vs. online.

In person you experience verbal as well as non-verbal cues. In person all 5 senses are being affected vs only sight and hearing online.

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