is a cross platform video conference service that offers instant messaging (IM) and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

  • Cross Platform gives you the opportunity to have a conference on a Windows operating system or a Mac / Apple operating system.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the method that let’s you be able to communicate to someone else over the internet instead of a landline phone. Hence the term internet protocol in Voice Over Internet Protocol.

    When you talk on the landline telephone it is analog transmission. How VOIP works is it takes your voice in analog form and transfers it into digital form. This allows your voice to travel through the computer lines to its destination.

    After it gets to its destination, it transfers back to the analog form in order for your recipient to understand you. This is similar to how Skype works.

  • Instant Messaging (IM) is when you contact or communicate with someone over the internet through a method comparable to text messaging. The message will be sent quickly through to internet to your recipient, hence the term Instant in Instant Messaging.

    By this method, you can be able to send one person a message or send several people messages at the same time depending on how you messaging system is set up.

This company was eventually became a subsidiary of Logitech after it was bought for 30 million dollars. As a result became one of Logitech’s services.

Services offers a 30 day free trial with an option to purchase a monthly or yearly plan.
  • Users have the opportunity to have 9 way video conferencing
  • Unlimite Video Calling
  • In Call File Sharing
  • Video Mail and Mail Storage
  • PC to PC Calling
  • Call History
  • Live Business Support
Sightspeed has Personal User Support as well as Business User Support.

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