Tiny Chat

Tiny Chat is a subsidiary company owned by Numerl, LLC. This company offers communication in real time by any means whether it is by audio or video. These services are intended for recreational purposes business or both.

They also offer several services. Among these services are:

IM (Instant Messaging)

  • Instant Messaging is when text is sent by text over the internet to another party.

    This is usually done point to point where two of you simultaneously text each other back and forth over the internet through applications or programs that allow it.

    For example, AOL Chat and Facebook have IM capabilities. IM is one of the most common used form of communication on the net.
Voice Chat
  • Voice Chat was widely used in the mid 2000's by the vast majority of internet users. You may have used VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for communication over the internet instead of Instant Messaging. The reason for this was free communication and convenient chat access as opposed to a landline telephone.
Video Chat
  • This allows you to see and hear the person you are talking to on the other end of the line. Basically this particular service allows for video and audio transmission.
  • which you can stream videos that are hosted on the site.
  • which allows you to connect with random people based on different topics
Regardless of the purpose it is used for, it has the ability to help you just as effectively as it has helped the 1000's of other users that are members of the site.

Tiny Chat is beneficial for educational purposes as well as helping those who are hearing impaired. In order for this company's services to work effectively, you need to have either Adobe Flash or iOS installed on your system.

Adobe Flash gives you the ability to have interactive graphics and animation incorporated with your video. It also manipulates the graphics, text and other on screen illustration to be mobile on the screen.

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