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Video conferencing in different time zones

Video conferencing in different time zones can be an obstacle in more ways than one among several businesses.

This is not an issue that is made popular due to the fact that most video conferences take place among small businesses that have partners within the United States or neighboring countries.

Big business corporations usually have business partners across time zones.

For example Apple Inc. has its headquarters located in Cupertino, California.

However, its subsidiaries are located in Netherlands, Ireland, Virgin Islands and Luxemburg.

ACN Inc. (American Communication Network) network marketing company operates in over 20 countries (in addition to the US).

These countries include South Korea, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

There comes a time when executives of these companies are going to have a conference at one time or another to discuss future plans for their company. That is when conferencing in different time zones can be a problem.

Conference Scheduling for Different Time Zones

Many people work an 8 hour work shift which usually consists of 8am - 4pm or 9am - 5pm. However in Ireland is 5 hours ahead of the United States. Some parts of Australia are a full 14 hours ahead of United States.

If you were to schedule a video conference for 3pm on Friday, your business partners in Australia would have to be logged in at their location at 11:00 the previous night.

If this is not bad enough, imagine trying to find a suitable time for more than 10 different countries at the same time. While it may be challenging, there are websites that can help you conduct video conferencing in different time zones.

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