Logitech Webcams

Logitech webcams is becoming the most used among webcam products in the world. Even though Logitech has developed numerous webcams, they all fall under the name of QuickCam (which is a product line of webcams and video cameras).

QuickCam has many different models and styles to fit every individuals need including yours.


The QuickCam was first introduced to the market in 1994. Even though this device wasn't as popular among average consumers / customers it was being marketed to commercial companies. At this time, the term webcam wasn't used.

In addition, many people weren't using the internet either. Contrary to what you may think, Logitech wasn’t the original developer of the QuickCam.

A company by the name of Connectix was the original developer and put it on the commercial market nationwide. It wasn't until 198 that the QuickCam product line was purchased by Logitech.

Hence, the logitech webcams product line was in the Time Magazine for the top 100 devices in history. Even though Connectix developed the QuickCam mainly for the Macintosh computer, Logitech gradually decreased their support for the Macintosh.

It is assumed that it's because the developers at Mac started building their webcam (the iSight) in their computers.


Logitech was founded in 1981 and located in Switzerland. In addition to this company's webcam product line, they also develop a long list of various computer peripherals / hardware.

They have items such as microphones, mice, keyboard, headphones, speakers, etc. They have a worldwide market which explains why they have gained so much popularity over the years.

This company has proven success with over 1 billion dollars in equity and 2 billion dollars in revenue. The leaders of the company responsible for the success of logitech webcams are:

  • Guarriro DeLuca - Chairman, President and acting C.E.O. (at the time of this writing).
  • Erik Bardman - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Werner Heid - Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing

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