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Skype Online

Skype online is by far one of the most popular video conferencing applications in the country (as of the time this page was written).

Additional topics on this page include:

The service it provides allows communications between individuals by video, IM (instant messaging), audio conferencing and operates in over 27 different languages.

All this is also done through the internet.

Skype was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstromand has its headquarters in Luxembourg.

There are also offices located in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

There are over 600 million users worldwide due to the fact that it is user friendly. In addition to the services that Skype Online offers it also provides free calling throughout the world.

The other features it offers are:

  • Skype to Skype - where you talk to anyone else who has Skype for free

  • Conference Calls - talk with a group of people at the same time for free (as long as they have Skype

  • Online Number - people can call you anywhere in the world on your Skype number

  • Skype to go number - Call international numbers at Skype's rates

  • Video Calling - talk through video with friends and loved ones

  • Group Video Calling - talk with multiple people at once

  • Instant Messaging - free instant messaging capabilities with Skype

  • Text Messaging - Send messages locally and internationally with mobile phones

Alternatives to Skype

You may use Skype to communicate, however, you may be curious as to what alternatives to skype are available for use. Below are just a few:




Google Talk

This is the fastest growing web based video conferencing company in the world. It is accessible through your landline phone, cellular phones, television, and computers (windows or mac). You are able to use it for your Small Business, Enterprise, or Home Office (as many others do).

Skype has an extensive Leadership/Management team that consists of:

  • Niklas Zennstrom - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • Janus Friis - Co Founder
  • Eric Salvatierra - Chief Financial Officer
  • Rajiv Dutta - President
  • Sten Tamkivi - Head of Operations, General Manager