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Free Video Conferencing vs Telepresence

Considering free video conferencing vs professional telepresence poses another dilemma and possible disadvantage. In business, you use video conferencing for convenience and to save money.

As a result you may choose to use a free system such as Skype, Megameeting, or MS Live Meeting to conduct meetings.

As far as the quality of service you get, the saying, "you get what you pay for" would come into play.

As far as providing quality service for your partners with many features for next to nothing (no price) you may consider a free service.

Some or most free services offer:

  • conference calling
  • toll-free calling
  • file transfer
  • voice calls
  • video calls

Along with those above mentioned services come many other options to choose from when you think of free video conferencing vs telepresence.

However, while you are saving money by using these free services, there are many disadvantages. Overall, for a professional setting you may get poor quality service for the following reasons:

  • Screen resolution choices are usually small - your groups are restricted to small screens which means your group may have trouble seeing the presenter and any graphs they present on the screen
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol - Due to the fact that most free video conferencing systems operate over the network it may cause delays or freezing in the system. This can cause a distraction for the receivers of the message.
  • Lighting - Lighting is only as good as the computer or monitor screen allows it to be.
  • Computers are needed - with most video conferencing systems, calls have to be made from a computer (not a phone).

On the other hand, paid video conferencing systems provide a more life like feel to your meetings.

One user of the telepresence system once said, "it is so clear, you can see the dirt growing underneath their fingernails as they speak."

Another said, "their voice echoes off the walls as if they were in the same room with you."

When you compare free video conferencing vs telepresence you will find considerations to each one depending on what is suitable for you.

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