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Omegle is a video conferencing program that enables you to talk to random people on their website. Since the site is comparable to chatroulette and Zupyo, where their programs have you talk to random people, their slogan is "Talk to Strangers".

It was founded in March 2008 by an 18 year old by the name of Leif K Brooks.

The notable features that this program has is a non registration and Captcha feature, and Spy Mode.

You may want to use an Omegle Alternative if you want to experience more random viewer programs where you meet strangers.

Omegle is accessible by applications through devices such as iPads and the Android.

Spy Mode

Spy Mode allows you to ask a question, while two others discuss the question you asked while you watch (acting as the spy).


The CAPTCHA feature is a security feature that prevents viruses or hackers that gain access by automated computer robots.

Instead of the robots accessing your system, CAPTCHA requires your to enter text images into a text box.

The images that you have to enter are usually distorted in a way that are difficult for bots and hackers to access but easy for the user to read.


The purpose of registration on any site is to store personal information about you. The purpose of this is to use your information to either help with the services they give you.

For example, special services and promotions. They know this information by the cookies in your computer while you use it.

There are also positives and negatives to registration.

The positives are:

  • Personalized greetings: e.g. "Hello John!"
  • Access to private emails
  • Permission to access site settings

The negatives are:

  • Registration stores personal information
  • Registration takes a significant amount of time to set up
  • Your personal information may be hacked
  • Limits other potential users to interact with on the site due to the fact that others may not want to take the time to register.
  • Registering possibly stores your information to share it with other commercial companies.

Omegle is free and is used by over 100,000 people per day. It's non registration feature and CAPTCHA make this one of the most secure video chat programs available to the public.

Omegle Alternatives


  • What this Video Chat conference program does is match you up with complete strangers to chat with. The concept came from the game Russian Roulette.


  • WooChat give everyone a chance to talk with strangers. However they allow you to have a blog if you are a registered user. This programs let's you have unlimited blog entries.


  • Zupyo is a random chat site that let's you chat with strangers by option of typing in a keyword. The chat will be related to the topic you request.


  • RoundChat is a video chat site that connects random users with image recognition technology. The main purpose for this is to remove explicit material from this site.


  • Chatrandom gives you the option of video chatting with strangers on the internet. This programs site gives you the opportunity to choose your chat groups in certain categories.

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