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Video Conference Training

Another disadvantage of video conferencing is the video conference training that has to take place.

If you have a big business (or even a small business) that has video conferencing sessions, you would know that it requires a little knowledge to know how to operate the system (Even if the system is simple as just logging in).

However, if you have business partners and networks in different countries, you would need each group to learn how to use the equipment in their respective location.

However, there is more to learn about a video conferencing session than to just log in and start talking to your partners.

The following video conference training issues has to be taken into consideration when trying to troubleshoot or set up equipment.

  • No technical staff - the level of technical staff at different video conferencing sites vary.

    If a technical problem arises at one of these locations it may not be fixed in a timely manner.

  • Familiarity with the system - most of your networks may have familiarity with Skype or ooVoo but not Tandberg. Your meeting may be held up because your partners in one of your locations didn't know how to adjust the contrast of the screen or adjust the volume

  • Firewall Issues - Unlike being in the same room having an in-person meeting, video conferencing can be hacked into and unsuspecting individuals can obtain sensitive information. If you aren't knowledgeable about the system you are using, you may not know if the firewall is active or not.

  • Losing Connection - If one of your locations lose connection, an improperly trained staff may have problems attempting to gain a connection back to the conference

  • First Time User - There may be times where you find a better deal on a new video conferencing system and decide to use it. Therefore, that will create multiple first time users which will increase the chances for problems in the future that they may not be able to troubleshoot immediately during an important meeting.

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